Thursday, 18 September 2014

~15 Weirdest SHOES~

1. Ummm.. I hope you get it..  

2. Eeeeewww..... 

3. How can one suppose to fit her foot in it??...

4. Shoe Garden :) :P

5. Yes .. these are shoes.. 

6. Climb to my Foot.. :P 

7. What is this ....

8. Invisible heels... its all about Balance

9. Barbie lovers gonna hate it... 

10. Hope your feet are safe in there..

11. Dracula's Teeth....underneath my feet.. :P 

12. Just a Frame, i think they will add the leather stuff over it... May be..

13. Hmmmmm... No Comments

14. Literally got his heart under her feet. :P
15. Ballet has just reached a new level ... 

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