Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Celebrities... What do they think of themselves??

Are you not Human? Are you some superior creature from the Heaven? .. Who are you??
I am talking about "The Celebrities" who think that they are far more superior than all other human beings in the world. And i seriously don't know why. They are doing there job and we are doing ours. What is the difference? Yeah Yeah.. you people get all the spotlight, cameras, attention, paparazzi, videos on TV, pictures on magazines, and most of all love and hatred from us.  But at the end of the day you are also human. and you must be having the same rights as the other people in the world, not superior but equal.

Friday, 7 October 2011

Friends Forever !!

"Friends Forever"... These are the most common words to hear from each and every group or from two best friends in our daily life. But the Question is "Do we really know the true meaning of it?!!"
I have seen so called "Friends Forever" who are really good with each other when they are face to face but behind each others back they tell others that what psychic they are bearing.. They back bite each other and make stories, etc.. They cheat them and that clearly shows what level of respect they have for each other.
But there are some "Friends Forever" who really prove the true meaning of it by standing by each other and support them through out their life, who help each other to make good decisions and make them happy. "No matter when they Separate from each other or Together.." :)
I hope that everyone gets a true "Friend Forever"....