Thursday, 29 September 2011

Its Better To Be Late than...!!

Its better to be late than to be having late before your name, or to found yourself in a hospital in some serious condition. I daily experience a long bike ride to and from my office, and i watch a lot of  young boys from college and school who drive like crazy trying to get ahead from each other. Its like they are having their own DHOOOM 3...!! I think they must realize that they could lose their lives in such speed.

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Bye Bye Harry Potter..!!

Its been a long time, when the boy who lived become the dearest boy of every other child's life. It was all started with a war between good and evil and it ends with a war between good and evil. The lesson that a reader or film viewer can learn from this movie is how the good can never be let down and how the power of love and friendship always win. The power of Harry's mother's love always protected him from the evil, and the power of friendship, which was among Harry, Ron and Hermoine, was always there to help and support him through every aspect of his life.
 Harry Potter was my FaVoRiTe character... and hope it was yours favorite too... i will miss him..